Everyone knows that goalies are a bit weird, they choose to stand in front of a net and subject themselves to having a frozen piece of rubber repeatedly hurdled at their faces, but the NWHL’s Mclevman take this goalie quirkiness to a whole other level.

The Buffalo trio, Amanda Leveille, Kelsy Neumann (who resigned her contract in full goalie gear) and Brianne McLaughlin have taken the NWHL (and the hockey world as a whole) by storm with their crazy antics. Not convinced yet? Here’s just a little taster of what they’ve been up to…

Here I have complied their top ten moments from this year:

10. Rain won’t stop this trio, that’s for sure:

9. It’s important for any team to have get along, these three take squad goals to a whole another level:

8. Being able to entertain yourself is always an important ability to have:

7. The four greatest goalies of all time?

6. It’s not all fun and games though, goalie school is a must for any NWHL goalie:

5. Clearly they did their homework, as they came away this season as Isobel Cup Champions:

4. If the whole goalie thing doesn’t work out, they could always take up basketball… or maybe not:

3. As you can tell, they were just mildly happy about winning the cup:

2. Now we see their true motivations of why they became goalies!

And finally, for the number 1 spot:

Did I mention were happy about winning the cup yet?


All of this has led others to be inspired by Mclevman to unleash their inner goalie, one thing is for sure, we haven’t seen the last of this crazy trio just yet…