[NWHL, CWHL, SDHL] The Champions Cup the Fans Really Want

Earlier this week, the NWHL and SDHL announced a breaking new international fixture that will feature the winners of their respective leagues going head to head against each other in a best of three series, dubbed the Champions Cup. This will take place in September in Sweden between the Metropolitan Riviters and Luleå HF (more info on Luala can be found here). However it is not quite the sort of Champions Cup that most fans were hoping for.

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Timeline Of Professional Female Teams’ Locations

Here we have the history of the locations and successes of all the teams that have competed in or are competing in the CWHL and NWHL (as well as the Minnesota Whitecaps).

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Should The NWHL Move To A Summertime Schedule?

Summer. The time of year when hockey fans sit around wishing that October could come around so that they can get back to watching their beloved teams go at it on the ice, rather than on the trading block. However, what if the NWHL utilized this gap in the NHL season and claimed it as their own?

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NWHL Free Agency: Who’s Going Where For The 2017/18 Season

With the offseason now in full swing and free agency open, there’s plenty of movement around the league. Here I will take a look at some of the biggest signings and roster news so far.

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NWHL: How Things Are Shaping Up For Season Three And Beyond

As summer has now arrived, all eyes are firmly set on ‘Season Three’ of the NWHL. For many this season could be make or break for the league, with many star players away at the Olympics and the CWHL expanding to new horizons, rumouring that they will pay their players. This is going to be a tough season for the NWHL. However, it’s not all doom and gloom- there are many promising announcements being made.

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5 Graphs That Show That Women’s Salaries Are Frozen In The Past

This is a little diversion from the hockey analysis and roundups I normally do (they will soon be coming too, I promise). When you look at statistics about the gender pay gap in most jobs, it is supposedly closing. I’ve seen figures about women being paid something between 68% to 94% of what men earn, and that got me thinking about where this pay gap is within the sporting world. Sadly, sport is the one area where this gap is still absolutely massive; there is some serious ground to be made towards gender equality. Here are a few graphs I drew up to show just how big a problem this is. I’ve done it with a focus on hockey, but honestly, you could choose almost any other sport and get similar results.

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